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iDiG 2.0
Intelligent Dynamic Internet Gateway
Connectivity supported includes ADSL2+, 3G (HSPA+)/LTE, VSAT, Wi-Max, Diginet, Ethernet, Fiber and, in fact, anything with an Ethernet or GBE interface and any combination of these. We support full failover, traffic steering, load balancing and bonding on these links.
Security is provided by a Stateful, Deep Packet Inspection, Next Generation, Policy Enforced, Firewall as well as a full Next Generation, Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDS/IPS) system with contextual awareness.
Management is done via HTTP/HTTPS into the box and full SNMP, NetFlow, IPFix and SFlow is supported as is realtime RRD and SVG Graphs. Bandwidth prioritisation is done via Layer 7 and/or OS/Protocol with Category and Time-based allocation.
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